“We miss Fairy Land! My child is 8 years old now but she still thinks about her time spent there. I mean she loved it so much, she would wait impatiently until the weekend was over to go back!...”

Why Choose Us?

About Us and Our School

Anna, Kirkland WA

Welcome to the Fairyland Child Care Center! 

     A couple words about my personal background. I started my teaching career about 25 years ago. While mastering my teaching skills and raising my children I wanted to share expertise with the others and be able to help people. Fairyland Child Care Center opened in March of 2003. Our community represents various cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We carefully create an environment in which each child’s uniqueness is celebrated.

          At Fairyland, our mission is to help you raise happy and healthy kids. Fairyland is not just a child care center, it is a community. We are honored to be a force that helps build bright future. We have a team of dedicated teachers who nurture unique qualities and potential of every child. They are professionals with academic degrees in music, art, and literature. We carefully prepare the children for a smooth transition to the next level of education and development.

Our Mission and Philosophy

There is a lot of space in our rooms for kids to play, communicate, and learn. We have an excellent playground, well-equipped and very safe. We pay special attention to safety in our licensed facility: the school is cleaned with organic products every day, and we strictly abide by the rules of the Department of Health. We administer a nutrition program that provides healthy hot meals prepared daily from high quality products. Our excellent parent-teacher relationship helps create a home-like atmosphere for each child.

       We love what we do, and we care for the well-being of your children. Their health and intellectual growth are our priorities.

                                                                                 Oksana Drach,

Director of Fairyland Child Care Center

         Our unique educational programs are designed for children between 1-2.5 years and 2.5 – 5 years. We work on social and emotional growth by teaching them to interact with each other and with adults. We teach them to listen, converse, explore the world, and embrace creativity. Our science and math programs are exceptional and well-tailored.

         We offer free extracurricular activities, such as a foreign language courses, therapeutic gymnastics, dolphin therapy, and so much more. At the same time, we manage to keep our rates very reasonable and competitive. My personal teaching experience of more than two and a half decades helps me ensure that we deliver the best services to your family. 


                             Maryna Mysko,

                             Program Administrator/Coordinator at Fairyland Child Care Center