Fairyland offers unique programs for toddlers (ages 1-2.5), and preschool classes (ages 2.5-5), which include social and

To develop positive attitude towards teachers, school, and learning.


To develop personalities through first hand experiences, social relationships, cognitive and physical development.


To learn how to express themselves freely through use of materials, movement, and language.


To introduce cultural diversity of our community.


To help children build strong, healthy self-esteem.


To develop good habits and obtain essentials skills.


To encourage independence

Preschool Classes

Toddler Classes

Art I

During the class the children are introduced to the amazing world of painting, drawing, sculpture, with different textures and materials.


Music I

Toddlers not only sing their first songs, but learn to play musical instruments, and enjoy a wide range of music.


Math I

Kids learn how to categorize and sort things. Our experienced teachers will introduce them to basic concepts of simple mathematics. Toddlers learn to recognize the opposites, count and much more.


Language Development I

Children enjoy story-telling, learn new poems and rhymes, and exercise pronouncing sounds and words.


Physical Development

We start our day with morning exercises, and we exercise while playing outdoors. During our physical training sessions, toddlers learn the basics of children’s gymnastics.


Our educational goals:

emotional development, study of language (listening, conversation, vocabulary), as well as math, science, and creative arts. We pay special attention to kids’ physical development and health. We teach them to take care of themselves. We also teach them emotional intelligence – how to respect themselves and others.

Art II

Under the supervision of our experienced teachers, kids learn to express themselves through the use of different medium. We teach painting, drawing, coloring, sculpture, beadwork and construction.


Music II

Preschoolers enjoy learning music theory as well as singing and playing musical instruments.


Math II

Children learn to count, categorize and sort things, recognize and write numbers, and perform simple arithmetical tasks to prepare them for school.


Language Development II

Children listen to the stories and practice telling them, learn fun poems and rhymes, converse with peers and teachers, which encourages speech development.


Music Education

We learn different songs weekly, which also include finger plays, rhythmical rhymes, small-and-large movement activities, and instrument play. You will really enjoy our holiday parties!


Games and Fan

At Fairyland we provide a home-like atmosphere which is full of learning and fun. Your child will surely develop self-esteem and social skills while participating in various games and communication. Our activities stimulate language development, cognitive development, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor development, reading and mathematics readiness. Every day your child explores, discovers and invents his or her world.