We miss Fairy Land! My child is 8 years old now but she still thinks about her time spent there. I mean she loved it so much, she would wait impatiently until the weekend was over to go back! I was so surprised! As a parent, I appreciated how much effort they put into the curriculum. From music lessons, to Russian language studies, it was truly enriching. What does she miss the most? The green bean soup. Occasionally she even asks me to go back for lunch…


Anna, Kirkland WA

What’s most important for me as a single dad, is that my child is in a safe environment where she is getting the attention and care she deserves. I can’t always be there, since I work a lot, so I need to know that I can rely on someone to take good care of her. Fairy Land is a team of highly attentive and knowledgeable teachers with lots of experience, and a great understanding about working with children. They have a great system set in place ,which instills discipline, respect and responsibility.

I am slightly embarrassed to admit that they are better with my own kid than I am! Thank you for all your help.


Sasha, Everett WA